Director General, Deusdedit Kakoko said they have already received 35
bookings from possible 50 major Dar es Salaam Port stakeholders who were
targeted during construction of the skyscraper. The building is due to
be opened next January.

“Some of 35 applications received are asking to rent while others
want outright purchase of floors. Surprisingly, this is happening even
though we have not done any advertising of the one-stop-centre building.


The main purpose of building this block was first to accommodate
stakeholders who are tied to port services as well as other commercial
or business operators in the remaining space,” Kakoko said.

Among other amenities, the 35 floors building which expected to cost
over 100bn/- upon completion has capacity to also accommodate 410 cars
at a time with 310 cars parked within the building’s floors and another
100 cars parked outside.

Kakoko downplayed the negative impact caused by government’s decision
to relocate the capital to Dodoma saying the main objective for
constructing the skyscraper was to accommodate TPA staff and
stakeholders associated with ports business.

“We have more than 50 stakeholders who only deal with port activities
and have asked for accommodation in the block. Unfortunately, people do
think that the block is for TPA, TRA, TFDA, Ewura and TBS.

The truth is there are more than 10 other public institutions apart
from those. Talking about private sector more than 10 organisations have
asked for space in the building,” he revealed.

Other stakeholders who have requested for space include four
commercial banks interested to open branches to serve the port
community.The TPA DG noted that only banks which can operate for 24
hours are welcome to get space in the building.

He said that Dar es Salaam is becoming a big business hub so the one
stop centre will facilitate import and export business activities and
financial transactions at the same time.

“This block will facilitate efficiency of the port in service
provision since it will bring together port stakeholders under one roof.
We expect to recover the construction cost after 10 years,” he noted.

The building also has a rotating restaurant which is completed and a
large conference room with capacity to accommodate 1,200 people at once.
Minister for Communication, Works and Transport, Prof Makame Mbarawa
has commended TPA for putting up the one stop shop building which will
bring together all port stakeholders under one roof.

“This building will simplify many things in as far as cargo clearance
at Dar es Salaam port is concerned,” Mbarawa said during a visit to the
facility by President Joseph Kabila of DR Congo who symbolically
inaugurated the building during his visit to the country last week.

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