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Maher Zain - Muhammad pbuh
Maher Zain - Muhammad pbuh 
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شفت ياما
I've seen a lot
ناس مناها تعيش العمر جنبك
Of people, their wish is to live beside you
وبرضه ما يكفيش
Yet it is not enough
احلى دنيا عندي ما تساويش الا معاك يا رسول الله
The most beautiful life doesn't mean a thing except if it is with you, O Rasul Allah
واحشنا يا رسول الله
We are missing you, O Rasul Allah
يا سيدنا شوقنا زاد و الله
O Our Master, our yearning is increasing, by Allah
مهما طول الغياب
Even if the absence has become longer
محمد مشتاق اليك و الله
Muhammad, by Allah, I'm missing you
ناس مناها تعيش العمر جنبك— Maher Zain
محمد قلبي عليك صلى
Muhammad, my heart is praying for you
طال سؤالي .قول لي ازاي كده
My question has took a lot of time, tell me how
عاشقه عيونا حد مش شايفاه
Our eyes are adoring someone they didn't see
لو حقيقي هو غالي عليك
If it is true that He is dear to you
ارضيه في الجنة تبقى معاه
Make Him satisfied and you will be with Him in Al-Jannah
ده انا زاد في قلبي حنين
The missing has increased in my heart
ودمعي مالية العين
And my tears are filling my eyes
طمعان بقالي سنين
For years I have been wishing
اني ازور المصطفى مرة
To visit Al Mustafa even for once

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