UDOM Fifth Round SELECTION 2018/19 DEGREE Programmes

UDOM Fifth Round SELECTION 2018/19 DEGREE Programmes
UDOM Fifth Round SELECTION 2018/19 DEGREE Programmes
bout Us:
Dodoma City is located in the centre of the country (6°10’23’’S;
35°44’31’’E), 455 km west of the former capital, Dar es Salaam; and 441
km south of Arusha City, the cradle of the East African Community. It is
also 259 km north of Iringa Municipality through Mtera. The City covers
an area of 2,669 km2 of which 625 km2 is urbanised. Dodoma features a
semi-arid climate with relatively warm temperatures throughout the year.
Although average maximums are consistent throughout the year, average
minimums drop to 13°C in July. The average annual precipitation is 570
mm, most of which occurs during the wet season between November and
April, with the remainder of the year comprising dry season. 

The University is
located about 8 km east of the city centre, and is accessible by public
transport, which is easily available from the city centre. Given the
central location of Dodoma, UDOM is strategically positioned to serve
applicants around the country and specifically Government and private
sector employees living in Dodoma, who hitherto could not find training
opportunities in the area. Such employees can comfortably utilise UDOM
to combine work and study for their career advancement. Additionally,
the geographical location and Dodoma weather render UDOM a convenient
place for international students.
applicants admitted into different study programmes will receive
admission letters through their profiles in the admission system (http://application.udom.ac.tz)
UDOM would like to take this opportunity to congratulate all successful
applicants and cordially welcome them to the University. 
To See UDOM  5th Round Selection 2018/2019 (DEGREE Programmes) in PDF File download PDF File through the link below:

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