AUDIO | Eddy Kenzo – Congs Mama | DOWNLOAD Mp3

Eddy Kenzo – Congs Mama Mp3 DOWNLOAD
 Eddy Kenzo – Congs Mama Mp3 DOWNLOAD
Listen/download CONGS MAMA by EDDY KENZO

AUDIO DOWNLOAD [NEW SONG] : Eddy Kenzo – Congs Mama | Mp3 DOWNLOAD

EDDY KENZO is a best singer artist from Ugandan today has drop new audio Called CONGS MAMA is an Official Audio in 2019.

After all that has been going on, I decided to do a song that will not remind me of what I have been through but rather mend my heart.

That’s how I composed a song about my Mother. In this song and life generally, I chose not to be sad but to rather celebrate life for we are not the best but we are better than how we were yesterday and get stronger by day.

I congratulate you my mother even in your absence for giving birth to a strong man who; stands for the truth, knows his worth, fights for his rights & dignity, protects his family and a man who has and will always fight for you legacy.

I congratulate you mama for who I am today and wherever you are, I hope you are proud of me for not giving up and protecting your dignity as a woman and a mother.

I dedicate this song to every hustler in the world who works hard to make ends meet, who does all it takes to protect their families and to those who fight for their rights regardless of any intimidation or criticism.


NEW AUDIO Eddy Kenzo – Congs Mama

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