Job Opportunity Driver/Office Assistant in Nairobi

Job Opportunity Driver/Office Assistant  in Nairobi
Job Opportunity Driver/Office Assistant in Nairobi

New Job in Kenya : Driver/Office Assistant Job in Nairobi


Job Description

We are looking for a suitable candidate to fill the position of a Driver/Office Assistant.

The position aims at effectively and efficiently giving professional input and assistance to the administrative and operational functions of the business as well as drive and maintain the Office Vehicles.

· Projecting and maintaining a professional ambience at the Front Office
· Operating the switchboard
· Maintaining and keeping in good working order, all company equipment and tools under your control to ensure maximum benefits to the company
· Ensuring the weekly and monthly production reports are done
· Material Cut report
· Material Usage report
· Material Cut report
· Fibre report
· Packaging report
· Vehicle mileage report
· Driving and handling Company Vehicles during deliveries, shopping or other official engagements:
· Responsible for Production Department work which includes:
· Planning day to day production work for production staff
· Setting daily targets for each staff member and ensuring they are achieved
· Monitoring use of production inputs to avert theft or staff mis-use
· Maintaining clean production inputs and records for:all materials,fibre,busktes,threads,labels,barcodes etc
· Responsible for various Operations:
· Preparing shopping lists and coordinating/ shopping when stocks are needed.
· Preparing shopping reconciliation reports as and when shopping is done
· Preparing delivery schedules
· Ensuring proper co-ordination of sales and production for orders to be met in a timely way

· To also ensure that department is fully to meet their production targets
· Banking cheques and other clerical duties
· Preparing a cleaning schedule and ensuring the cleanliness and maintenance of the office and common areas of work etc
· Responsible for various reports making:
· Doing daily production reports that are free of error and dispatching them to the Managing Director
· Stock report
· Product Cover report
· Production performance reports
· Carrying out any other pertinent duties as assigned and directed by the management

Required skills
Besides technical knowledge and experience in the field of office administration, the job holder should command and continuously improve on the following competencies:
· Interpersonal skills
· Telephone handling skills
· Organizing skills
· IT proficiency and mastery
· Time management
· Communication skills- verbal and written

· A valid driving license and certificate of good conduct
· Form four certificate
· Certificate in any Business Related course
· 1 year experience in driving around Nairobi

Applications to be sent to by 20th November 2019.Indicate your salary expectation as the subject line

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