Quinoa Vegetable Cheesey Eggy

Quinoa Vegetable Cheesey Eggy Deliciousness:


v1 Cup Quinoa
v2 Free Range Eggs
vHalf Head Broccoli, Cut into medium pieces
v15-20 Asparagus spears, cut into thirds
v5 leaves kale, finely chopped
vHalfa jar of salsa
v1 cup or more cheddar cheese
v1 avocado, cubed
v1-2 tablespoon olive oil


    Quinoa Recipes

  • Preparation time: 30 Min
  • Cook the quinoa according to instruction
  • Steam the asparagus and broccoli about 3 minutes so tender but still they have some bite
  • On medium heat fry the chopped kale,cooked quinoa and steamed vegetables in olive oil for a few minutes
  • While this is cooking, poach the two eggs
  • Add salsa and cheese to the quinoa/vegetable mix and stir until heated and the cheese is melted (only a minute or so).
  • Season well with salt and pepper.
  • Divide the quinoa mix onto two plates, and place  a poached egg on top of each.
  • Add avocado cubes and some more salt and pepper.

Some Information About Quinoa:

What does quinoa taste like?

Quinoa has a very delicate taste, often described as nutty, earthy. Quinoa contains saponins, which are normally removed mechanically prior to being sold, or otherwise need to be carefully rinsed off prior to cooking to remove their bitter taste. Quinoa has an interesting texture that can add crunchiness to almost any recipe. Quinoa can be classified into “bitter” and “sweet” varieties that reflect the saponin
content, which is much lower in the sweet varieties.

 Nutritional qualities: 

Quinoa is a healthy food due to its high nutritional value. What distinguishes quinoa from most other plant foods, except for legumes, is its high protein content. Quinoa contains all the essential amino acids and is also rich in minerals, vitamins, fatty acids and other nutrients.
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