Healthy Meal Plan to Lose Weight In 7 Days

Healthy Meal Plan to Lose Weight Just in 7 Days:

Quick weight loss programs always involve rigorous efforts and they turn hopeless if you fail to do one act among all the tasks of the program. 

Any diet plan for weight loss can be used with its peak of effectiveness only if we execute the program with 100% accuracy.
Here comes the royal weight loss diet plan, the Diet Meal Plan to realize your dream of ‘quickest possible weight loss.’ The surprise with this diet is, you can lose up to 7-9 pounds in one week’s time. And it is all true, without any ambiguity. 
We assure you all the health with this plan unless you are 
• Pregnant
• Diabetic
• A Kid or a teen
With the plan started, your fats are made ready to melt off from the very day you started. Body starts consuming your fats for your metabolism and quickens the weight loss within the first 7 days.
The beauty of the Diet is that it doesn’t have any restriction on few important foods like fruits, salads, vegetables. This helps us enhance the system with a great boost in metabolism. Other diets give you the strict calculations on how much should we eat and when should we eat whereas the GM Diet Weight Loss Plan gives you unlimited amounts of nourishment for the body with the key ingredients in it. However, carbs are restricted to avoid extra calories in the second half, i.e. after the third day. 
The restrictions on food choices in the  Diet Meal Plan are very little. But they must be precisely followed to acquire quick results.

Day 1 

First Day of the Diet starts with the kick of All-Day-Fruit diet. Eat fruits all the day, without any limit on the number of fruits. Do not starve at any cost, but do not eat the avoided foods.
First Day Foods: Apples, Cantaloupes, Watermelon, Orange, Guava, and Papayas
Water Consumption: Have 10-15 glasses of water
Strictly Avoid: Bananas

Day 2

Second Day of the Diet is a Veggie Day with only boiling. Salad with cucumber, onions, carrots will do a great job for fat burning and boosting the metabolism. This day gets you rich nourishment and improves the detoxifying capabilities of the body.
Second Day Foods: Potatoes, Cauliflower, broccoli, carrots, green beans
Water Consumption: 10-15 glasses of water
Strictly Avoid: Oils for cooking

Day 3

Third Day of the Diet Plan is the mix of first two days. You can have vegetables and fruits with no limitation on quantities of consumption.
Third Day Foods: Apples, Cantaloupes, Orange, pear, broccoli, beetroot. Salad with Cucumber, carrot, and lettuce. 
Strictly Avoid: Bananas and the Oils in cooking
Water Consumption: 8-12 glasses of water

Day 4

Fourth Day of Diet Meal Plan is the most crucial day of the entire plan. It will test your patience whether you can take the challenge of any weight loss diet in future. 
Fourth Day Foods: Banana, Milk, Dairy Products
Strictly Avoid: Only two, the banana and the milk should be taken, this day is for no other food.
Water Consumption: 14-16 glasses of water

Day 5

Fifth Day of the Weight Loss Diet gets you a relief from the fourth day’s exhaustion. But there enters the limitation. One cup of brown rice and tomato soup(uncooked) are given for the lunch. You can take few other foods like yogurt, Diet Soup, sprouts for other sessions.
Fifth Day Foods: Eggs, Tomatoes, Chicken, Brown Rice, Apple, Pear, Sprouts, Onion.
Strictly Avoid: Only the mentioned foods should be taken.
Water Consumption: 15-16 glasses of water

Day 6

Sixth Day of the Plan is the combination of Day 2 and Day 5. This day will keep up the metabolic rate due to which more calories can be burnt.
Sixth Day Foods: Boiled Veggies, kidney beans, Tomatoes, Pear, Diet Soup, Rice/Chicken/Fish.
Strictly Avoid: Oil for cooking

Day 7

The Last Day, i.e. Seventh Day of Diet Plan is for the conclusion. We will end up in losing 4 kgs of weight or any strong side effect at the end of the diet. The side effects will be caused if you are in the three categories mentioned at the beginning of the description.
Seventh Day Foods: Brown Rice/Chicken, Vegetable salad, carrots, Diet Soup
Strictly Avoid- Nothing much in specific, but nothing is allowed other than the list given.
Curtsy By GM Diet.

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