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Best ways to improve sleep during pregnancy

The most common mistake human beings do is treating sleep as a luxury instead of a necessity. Sleep is an essential requirement especially to the pregnant women who need a few more hours of sleep. A recent study done by the National Institute of Health shows that the amount of sleep you consume each day […]

Easing first-day jitters: My son is finally joining school!

Creche is the first schooldays program & marks a beginning to kid’s new phase of life. Babies first-time jitters in school happens. The first day can be frightening for some kids, & the tension overwhelms parents so much. Notwithstanding, school time comes with so many good times & thrills along the line. Don’t let it come […]

Toilet Training: Challenges and how to Overcome Them

Are you one of those parents who’ve attempted toilet training so many times, and have failed? You are not alone. Who doesn’t get excited at the idea of ditching those diapers? Many parents struggle with potty training their children and it is not surprising to hear a parent exclaim ‘I had no idea toilet training […]

Expected Body Changes After Delivery you Should Know

Imagine spending nine months nursing a pregnancy, experiencing nausea, backaches, and fatigue and then you have expected body changes after delivery. Going through the harrowing transformations of muscle stretches and widening of the hip to allow your young one space. Making a placenta for better nourishment and finally facing labor, and birthing experience which is […]

How to practice Self-care as a new mom

Motherhood is a beautiful thing. Many say it’s the most fulfilling journey under the sun. But just like any other good thing, it too has two sides. The over-tasking roles of a mother come with too much pressure you easily forget yourself. On several occasions, mothers prioritize their children and family over their own well-being thus making them come last in everything including basic needs.