Thu. Feb 2nd, 2023

Google AdSense is one of the best ad publishers, it provides us the opportunity to put ads on our websites and earn through advertisement.

AdSense business model works on CPC (cost per click) which means if a visitor (user) clicks on the ad so it will give money to the publisher the owner of the site.

In Pakistan, there are millions of bloggers who are working with Google AdSense and earning a good amount of money.

As we know, in Pakistan, India, Bangladesh, and other Asian countries the CPC is very low as compared to other European countries where the CPC is highest.

Recently Adsense announced an update that they are going to remove western union as a payment method for all the users new and old users.

The publishers in Pakistan seem worried about this major update of AdSense, but you don’t need to be worried about it. I’m going to tell you the available payment methods of Adsense in Pakistan which you can use to withdraw your earnings.

Adsense Payment Methods

  1. Wire Transfer
  2. Cheque


Adsense also sends cheques to publishers after they complete the minimum earning threshold which is 100$, but I would not recommend this method for payment withdrawal because of several reasons.
To cash a cheque in Pakistan it takes so much time to verification of the cheque and the banks also charge a good amount from total earnings.

Wire Transfer

So only one payment method is left which is wire transfer (bank transfer).
I have used this method personally it costs the users 20$ per transaction if you are using a Pakistani bank.

To avoid any deduction I would recommend all of you use the standard chartered account for Adsense Payments, it doesn’t deduct any amount.

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