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How to Live Above Single Parent Related Challenges

Life is always full of surprises, and one cannot predict what the future is going to bring. For instance, one will happily get married and start a new life with high positive expectations.However, in the course of life, they may end up being single because of either divorce, demise of a partner, or any other […]

Que: Any tips on nappy rush?

Answer: Nappy rash usually clears up after about 3 days if you follow this advice. You should keep following this advice as this will help prevent nappy rash from coming back.Change wet or dirty nappies as soon as possible.Clean the whole nappy area gently but thoroughly, wiping from front to back. Use water or fragrance-free […]

Que: My baby is 1 week 3 days, and his cord has not fallen leaves some small blood stains on his clothes should i worry?

Answer: A few drops of blood are normal before or after the cord falls off. A small amount of bleeding can also occur when the cord catches on something i.e diaper rubbing against the belly button. During the healing process, it’s typical to see a little blood near the stump. Much like a scab, the […]

Que: What is the best thing to wipe a baby at night after diaper change?

Answer: The consensus is that it’s okay to let your baby sleep without changing diapers at night. The rule of thumb is that wet diapers at night are okay, but number two diapers should be changed when you catch them.Not every diaper change may require a wipe. If your baby has only urinated, then you can […]

Que: I am currently 35 weeks pregnant, I had scan yesterday and learnt that I have a Nuchal cord type A, anyone who knows how serious it is? This is my third pregnancy and I always deliver normal way; I fear of going CS way.

Answer: Some conditions can arise during pregnancy and delivery that affect the umbilical cord. Most of the time, they resolve on their own and don’t harm your baby. A few, however, can be serious. The most common umbilical cord conditions include the Nuchal cordNuchal cord: The umbilical cord may be wrapped around the baby’s neck […]

Que: Is sitting a baby led milestone or do I have to train him

Answer: Sitting is a milestone and this is a case of different strokes for different forks.Some kids are aided, as in trained while others fall into it automatically.The normal sequence of baby development follows this order: rolling, pivoting, pushing backwards, and lurching forward, moving forward on tummies, leading to tummy crawling then creeping. It is […]

Que: Is diarrhea and fever a sign of teething? My son is 5 months

Answer: If your baby has diarrhea, a fever, or a runny nose, don’t dismiss it as a sign of teething, especially if the symptoms last longer than 24 hours.Even though many parents always think these symptoms seem directly related to teething, there’s no scientific proof that they’re linked. Experts say fever and diarrhea are not […]

Que: How do I tell my baby has been given cow milk without my knowledge?

Answer: There is no way a parent can realize instantly if the baby is served cow milk.In some cases, the baby may be a bit blotted but that is very rare. Baby can also be fuzzy and show symptoms such as small micro-bleeds in the digestive tracts of infants which will manifest with discoloration of […]

Raising Kids as a Single Dad

They say that mother is to a son, and father is to daughter. Well, that may somehow be true; however, a challenge may arise if it’s the other way round, that is, if you are to raise both genders as a single parent.And naturally, it is the norm of society to liken single parenthood with […]