Baby Bath Tubs – Do I Need to Buy One For My Baby?


It’s easy to go overboard and buy your baby Bath everything he or she could ever need. But some things are much more important than others. A baby bathtub is one thing that you or your baby can do without.

Here are some things to think about:


Shop around if you want to buy a baby bath. The price of a baby bath can range from $10 to $100 or more (if you want to spend a lot on a roll-top bath), and it really depends on whether you want something stylish or just useful.


We used the sink and a baby bath. Depending on who was giving him a bath. The baby bath could be used on the floor of the living room until he splashed too much. The sink made taking a bath faster.

Baby’s choice

We didn’t know what to do when our baby started to hate bath time. He was about 1 1/2 years old and seemed to be afraid of water for no reason. He would never use our bath or a bath for babies. We had no choice but to top and tail him until the fear went away. It worked, but it shows that even if YOU think something is fine for a baby, they might not agree.

Baby Bath Tubs – Do I Need to Buy One For My Baby?


There are a lot of different ways to bathe a baby.

Once your baby can sit up without help, they can go into the adult bath.
When you first see a tummy tub or a bucket bath, they look like very strange things. The baby sits in the fetal position in a tall tub. Babies love them because they feel like the womb.
In a bowl in the sink, but be careful to keep the baby’s head away from the faucets. In a regular baby bath, your baby can splash around. In a baby bath with support, your baby can stay more upright because the support is shaped like a slope. Most likely the most common way.

You can buy so many accessories, from toys to bathrobes for babies:

Toys: I really wanted my baby to have plastic bath ducks, but I wanted them for myself, not for him. He had no interest in them at all. He didn’t want toys in the bath until he was a bit older.
Again, this is something that is best left for when they are older. A newborn baby should only take a bath in plain water because their skin doesn’t need anything else in the water. Bath mats that don’t slip are always a good idea if your child is using the tub.
If your child starts to hate getting their hair washed, baby shampoo visors are a great idea. When you rinse their hair, the water won’t run down their face and into their eyes.
When your baby is too big for a baby bath but too small for a regular bath, these bath seats are great. They can sit on a bath seat and be held up, but they can still move around and splash.
Mitts and sponges for washing, Mitts are great for washing babies, but all you really need is a flannel or a sponge.

Most of the time, all you need for a small baby’s bath is a bottle of head-to-toe wash. All the talc, shampoos, and bubble baths are bad for their skin, and they really don’t need them.
Robes and towels for babies. Keep your towels and baby’s towels separate. Also, a nice new towel to wrap them in after a bath is great.

Space: I had trouble with space. Our house was small, but the baby baths are big. When our baby was little, it just made more sense to use the sink with a bowl in it.


NEVER leave your baby in the bath alone. A terrible accident can happen with just a little bit of water and a few seconds. Take your child with you if you have to leave.

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