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Charaka Indriya Sthana eleventh Chapter Anu Jyotiyam Indriyam

eleventh chapter of Charaka Indriya sthana offers about imminent dying as indicated by indicators just like the diminution of bodily warmth. The chapter title is Anujyotiya Indriyam.

We will now discover the chapter on “Imminent Loss of life as indicated by Indicators just like the Diminution of Bodily Warmth”. Thus mentioned Lord Atreya [1-2]
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Indicators of imminent dying

  • The under talked about point out that the individual goes to die inside one 12 months time –diminution of the bodily warmth, absence of the ability of focus of thoughts, lack of complexion, weak spot of thoughts and absence of attachment for all times [3]
  • The birds (crow) refusing to eat bali i.e. providing of part of the every day meal to all creatures supplied by a person would point out that he would die inside one 12 months time and in addition that he would partake the manes supplied by his family (providing given for the lifeless individuals) being on the planet past dying inside a 12 months thereafter.
  • If an individual shouldn’t be in a position to see the “Arundhati” star located adjoining to the saptarshi constellation (the Nice Bear), he’s mentioned to succumb to dying after one 12 months thereafter. Sudden acquire or lack of luster, plumpness or wealth with none considerable cause signifies the dying of the individual one 12 months thereafter. [4-6]
  • Cessation of want, conduct and reminiscence, sense of sacrifice, mind and energy with none considerable cause signifies the dying of the individual inside six months. [7]
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  • Look of exceedingly shining community of blood vessels which weren’t there earlier than, on the brow of the person signifies that that he is not going to survive past six months. 
  • If there’s enhance within the plumpness of the brow of the person due to the event of crescent formed furrows, his life span is certain to return to an finish inside six months. [8-9]
  • If there are tremors within the physique and fainting (dropping consciousness), if the actions of the physique elements (gait problems) and speech (delirium) are abnormally disturbed similar to in an intoxicated individual, he is not going to reside for even one month.
  • If in an individual who hates (developed aversion) his personal family and mates the semen, urine and feces sinks when positioned on water, he succumbs to dying inside one month. [10-11]
  • If there’s emaciation of the fingers, toes and face of the person, with the physique with out present process any such change, or if there’s swelling of fingers, toes and face and absence of swelling within the center a part of the physique, he doesn’t survive for one month.
  • Look of crescent formed blue strains on the brow, head and pelvic area signifies that the individual is not going to survive.
  • If eruptions of Masurika (pox) / eruptions resembling masura (lentil) having the looks of coral beads (reddish in shade) manifest in a person and instantly disappear, he’ll die instantly.
  • An individual having acute squeezing-pain within the neck, swelling of the tongue, inguinal lymphadenitis and irritation (sores) of mouth and throat must be thought of as ripe for dying i.e. that individual will die quickly.
  • Extreme giddiness, excessive delirium and extreme acute breaking ache in bones – these three signs will lead the affected person to the noose of dying i.e. he is not going to survive for lengthy.
  • A weak individual, who pulls out his hair in a state of unconsciousness and despite having much less energy – eats meals in extreme amount similar to a wholesome individual, is nearly as good as lifeless. [12-17]
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  • An individual whose imaginative and prescient is fastened and directed upwards as he gazes in shock / bewilderment, who searches for his fingers and fingers that are positioned in entrance of his eyes (shouldn’t be certain if he has fingers and fingers) and smiles whereas doing so, succumbs to dying instantly.
  • If due to hallucination, an individual tries to seek for one thing which doesn’t exist within the beds, seats, limbs of the physique, picket blocks or partitions, he’s nearly as good as lifeless. [18-19]
  •  An individual who out of delusion laughs in circumstances the place there isn’t a trigger for laughter, who licks his personal lips and whose toes, fingers and breathe are chilly doesn’t survive.
  • An individual who retains calling out for his family and different people who find themselves in his neighborhood (within the vary of his visible area) and along with his thoughts surrounded and clouded by immense delusion (indicative of quick dying) doesn’t see individuals or issues although his eyes who’re nearer to him must be thought of to be nearer to dying. [20-21]
  • Individuals who’re unable to understand objects of senses that are existent and concurrently perceives the objects of senses that are non-existent, shouldn’t be handled [22]
  • Extreme aggravation of the illness and diminution of willpower (will energy) leads to the soul departing from its bodily physique i.e. will die. When the span of life involves an finish there’s diminution of complexion, voice and the ability of digestion, speech, senses and the thoughts and the individual both sleeps at all times or doesn’t get sleep in any respect. [23-24]
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  • An individual having aversion for physicians, drugs, drinks, meals, preceptors and mates must be thought of as already below the grip of the “God of Loss of life”.
  • Illnesses of those individuals will proceed current and medicines don’t produce any helpful impact on them. One ought to by no means take something from them, neither the meals nor water from their house (supplied by them). [25-26]
  • The 4 elements important for the remedy, i.e., the doctor, the drug, the attendant and the affected person together with their wonderful attributes are of no avail within the instances the place the span of life has come to an finish. When there isn’t a steadiness of life span the place will the results (attributes) of the medicines manifest i.e. how does the illness get cured? It is because with out Dravya (or trigger) i.e. life span there isn’t a chance of the manifestation of the Guna (impact) i.e. ‘treatment from the illness’. [27]
  • The doctor ought to look at the span of lifetime of wholesome individual in addition to sufferers as a result of the whole remedy relies upon this information. [28]
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To sum up:-Indicators produced by the vitiated Doshas which have transcended the sphere of remedy and pervaded all around the physique, are generally known as Aristas (indicators of imminent dying).  [29]
Thus ends the eleventh chapter on the “Imminent Loss of life as Indicated by Indicators like Diminution of Bodily Warmth” of Indriya Part of Agnivesa’s work as redacted by Caraka.



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