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Charaka Shareera Sthana third Chapter Kuddikaam Garbhavakranti Shareeram

third chapter of Charaka Shareera sthana offers on the formation of embryo as conducive to the understanding of the physique. The chapter title is Kuddikaam garbhaavakranti Shareeram.

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Formation of embryo

Now we will discover the minor chapter on “the formation of embryo as conducive to the understanding of the physique”.  Thus mentioned Lord Atreya [1-2]

 Components answerable for procreation

When a person with unimpaired sperm and a girl with unaffiliated genital tract, ovum and uterine mattress cohabit throughout the interval of fertilization, the Jiva (Soul) together with the thoughts descends into the zygote (mixed type of the sperm and ovum) lodged contained in the uterus. This ends in the formation of the embryo.
Following this, the embryo grows with out hindrance and in a wholesome means, being nourished by the healthful Rasa i.e. the diet coming from the mom and because of the pregnant girl following all of the prescribed regimens throughout being pregnant.

Thereafter the foetus shaped with all of the sensory and motor organs, and correctly developed physique with all limbs and physique elements intact and absolutely shaped, and endowed with the excellence of energy, complexion, psychological schools and compactness will get delivered in correct time i.e. 9th or 10th month of gestation. This happens as a result of mixture of the components derived from the next sources –

  • Mom
  • Father
  • Soul
  • Wholesomeness
  • Rasa (digestive product of the mom’s meals)
  • Thoughts

The embryo additionally associates the thoughts and soul with a brand new physique (transmigration of soul). Thus mentioned Lord Atreya [3]
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Bharadvaja’s objection

‘No’, mentioned Bharadvaja, as a result of neither mom nor father, nor wholesomeness, nor the utilization of drinkables, eatables, chewable or lickables can produce a foetus. Additionally it is not appropriate to say that the thoughts transmigrates from one other world to participate within the formation of the foetus. [4-I]
If mother and father are answerable for the formation of the foetus many women and men who’re keenly desirous of sons can produce them by resorting to cohabitation. Equally those that want daughter can get them. Not one of the males or ladies can be devoid of youngsters and none would grieve for not having a baby. [4-II]

Atman (soul) will not be produced by one other Atman. If that is to be accepted, we might get a doubt ‘does the soul manifest by itself after which produce itself or does it produce itself with out getting manifested?’ Each these propositions are untenable. The soul which is born already exists. Due to this fact he can’t create himself.
The soul which is unborn additionally can’t create one other soul. It’s because an unborn soul is non-existent and in such situation can’t create one other soul.

Due to this fact the proposition that the soul creates an embryo is untenable each methods. Allow us to take into account the issue from one other angle. If the Soul is able to reproducing Himself, then how is it that He doesn’t select a fascinating womb endowed with lordship, unrestrained motion, capability to have kinds as he pleases, whereby he can be endowed with energy, pace, lovely color and complexion, psychological schools, compactness and having freedom from growing older, illness and loss of life? The Soul needs Himself to be like this and even higher. [4-III]

Wholesomeness will not be answerable for the formation of the foetus. Had it been so, solely those that resort to wholesomeness ought to get youngsters and the remaining ones who resort to unwholesomeness ought to by no means get a baby however each the forms of persons are discovered to be equally profitable or unsuccessful in getting youngsters. [4-IV]

The foetus will not be shaped of Rasa (digestive product of meals). Whether it is true then no man or girl would stay childless. None of them reside with out Rasa (digestive product of meals). If the intention right here is that people having the excellence of Rasa ought to have youngsters, then solely those that take meat soup of goat, sheep, deer, and peacock, milk, curd and ghee of the cow, honey, oil, rock salt, sugarcane juice, Mudga (Phaseolus Mungo Linn) and Sali rice for nourishment ought to get youngsters and the others who take Syamaka, Varaka, Uddaklaka, Korasusa (sort of corn, rhizomes and roots) ought to at all times be disadvantaged of a progeny. However each the forms of persons are equally profitable or unsuccessful in getting youngsters [4-V]

The thoughts doesn’t come from the world (from the earlier delivery) past to enter into the foetus. If it does so, nothing of its previous life ought to stay unknown, unheard and unseen by him. However really it doesn’t keep in mind any such issues. The thoughts really on getting related to the sense organs would mirror the information of assorted objects. The thoughts if coming from the opposite world / earlier delivery ought to keep in mind and have identified the reminiscences of issues and topics from the previous and that isn’t the reality.

Due to this fact, I say, the foetus will not be shaped out of the mom, father, Soul, wholesomeness or Rasa (digestive product of meals). Additionally it is not appropriate to say that the thoughts transmigrate from one other world to take delivery within the formation of the foetus. Thus mentioned Bharadvaja [4]
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Atreya’s choice
Lord Atreya mentioned, “no the foetus is shaped from out of the mix of all these components”. [5]

Components derived from mom

The foetus is produced out of the mom. With out, mom there isn’t a risk of conception and delivery of viviparous creatures. We will hereafter describe these organs that are derived from the maternal supply (from ovum) and that are discovered due to the existence of the mom.
They’re pores and skin, blood, flesh, fats, umbilicus, coronary heart, Kloman (proper lung), liver, spleen, kidneys, bladder, rectum, abdomen, Pakvashaya (colon), higher and decrease elements of the anus, small gut, giant gut, mesentery and omentum, (these are the organs derived from  maternal supply). [6]

Components derived from father

The foetus is produced from out of the daddy (from sperm). With out father there isn’t a risk of conception and delivery of viviparous creatures. We will hereafter describe these organs that are derived from paternal supply, (from sperm) and that are shaped due to the existence of the daddy. They’re hair of the top, hair of the face, nail, and small hairs of the physique, tooth, bones, veins, ligaments, arteries and semen. (These are the organs derived from paternal supply) [7]
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Atman as a Supply

The foetus is produced out of the Soul. The Antaratman (Soul contained in the animal physique) is identical as garbhatman (Soul within the foetus). This is called Jiva or animated Soul.

In response to spiritual scriptures,

  • This Soul is everlasting.
  • He doesn’t get bothered by ailments.
  • He doesn’t endure the method of growing older.
  • He doesn’t succumb to loss of life.
    He doesn’t endure diminution.
  • He can’t be penetrated.
  • He can’t be lower. He can’t get irrupted.
  • He’s omnipresent and all-powerful.
  • He’s invisible.
  • He’s with out the start and finish, and
  • He’s unchangeable.

On getting into the uterus and getting related to the sperm and ovum (zygote) the life component will take the type of ‘foetus made up of six components’. Within the foetus the life component will take the designation and title of ‘atma’ – the soul. Because the soul doesn’t have a starting (origin) the soul doesn’t take its delivery. Regardless of the soul not being manifested (not having taken delivery) it’s going to create (pour life into) the foetus composed of six components. The identical foetus throughout the course of time attains the state of childhood, youth and previous age. In response to the stage through which he’s he will probably be thought of to have taken origin (delivery) at that individual stage and coming to the stage which has not been manifested it is going to be mentioned that he will probably be manifested within the upcoming stage in future. This implies to inform that he’s thought of to be unborn or within the means of taking delivery. Due to this fact, he’s each born and unborn concurrently.

In such conditions the place the Soul is taken into account to be each born or being born he produces that state of life after having taken delivery himself. In different conditions, the place that state of the physique (Soul), is but to return, the soul is taken into account to provide him with out being born.
In these explicit ages (phases of progress) i.e. forms of progress in addition to in these explicit states (conditions) of progress in addition to in these explicit states (conditions) of dwelling beings, the change of the state of the related physique, is taken into account to be the delivery of Atman. The sperm, ovum and life component (atma) can be found however till they get related to one another within the uterus they won’t get the title ‘garbha – i.e. foetus’. When these three elements get related they’ll get the title as ‘foetus’. Equally the state of ‘mere existence from the start’ doesn’t qualify an individual to be known as as father until he has a baby. It’s only after the delivery of his youngster {that a} man will probably be known as as ‘father’ of that youngster. Equally, the existent foetus (Soul) might be thought of to be born or unborn relying upon the state attained or ‘but to be attained’ by him. [8]
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Guiding components

Mom, father and Soul independently can’t fulfill all the requirement for the formation of a foetus. They themselves do sure issues independently and another issues they do due to the pressure of the actions of the earlier life.
They possess the flexibility to do sure issues themselves. For another issues, they don’t have that capability. They might do some actions with the assistance of the important instruments within the type of thoughts, senses and mind. When these instruments don’t possess wonderful qualities and are weak they won’t be able to doing the actions as per their selection and liberty.

It’s only when these components (mom, father, soul) are added with the excellence of different components like thoughts, sense organs, sperm, ovum and so on., relying upon the actions within the earlier life, they’ll be capable to render the actions as per their energy and as they need them to be completed and now have the capability to manifest issues by themselves.
Quite the opposite if the thoughts and so on entities will not be adorned by good qualities i.e. if they’re faulty the individual turns into enveloped and influenced by rajas and tamas qualities. He’ll begin doing undesired and irregular (non-righteous) actions. Due to defects in these components, the soul (devoid of such devices of their regular state) can’t assist in the formation of a foetus. He will even not be able to taking delivery in desired species.

It’s not sensible to assume that the soul which fails to create a foetus when thoughts, mind and so on are faulty will not be the creator of the foetus. It’s well-known that religious people, who’ve realized Soul of their very own can enter into the specified womb, attain nice issues and attain salvation. These folks have additionally thought of that atma or soul himself is answerable for salvation i.e. freedom from the vicious cycle of life and loss of life.
There’s none else who’s answerable for the happiness and sorrow of the person aside from the soul (solely the soul is answerable for one’s happiness and sorrow). The foetus will not be shaped by the rest being born. Germination will not be doable from the rest aside from the seeds. Due to this fact the life component within the foetus is not going to come from any inert issues; the life course of is imparted by the life component atma i.e. soul itself. [9]
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Components derived from Atman

We will hereafter describe these facets of the person that are derived from the Soul and that are shaped due to the existence of Soul. They’re – taking delivery in such and such wombs (human, animal, chook and so on), life span (having much less, average or extra lifespan), self realisation, thoughts, senses, to take issues into and to excrete issues out of the physique (breathe in and breathe out), stimulation / motivation (to the senses), to behold (the data), attribute form, voice and color / complexion of the person, want for happiness and sorrow, liking and  disliking, consciousness, braveness, mind, reminiscence, egoism and efforts. All these facets of the person are derived from the Soul. [10]
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Components derived from Satmya

The foetus is produced from out of the wholesomeness. With out consumption of unwholesome meals and issues man or girl wouldn’t grow to be sterile / impotent. There would additionally not happen deformities or morbidity / defects within the foetus. When the women and men would devour unwholesome meals and issues they’d vitiate the doshas. If these vitiated doshas put into circulation attain the sperms, ovum and uterus and contaminate them they’d not be able to procreating offspring. Women and men can be able to procreating offspring so long as the sperms, ovum and uterus will not be bothered by the vitiated circulating doshas (vitiated by the consumption of unwholesome issues). It’s because in individuals who devour healthful meals sperms, ovum and uterus can be wholesome.

Even throughout the fertile interval, throughout the union (sexual) of the women and men who’re given with healthful issues and whose sperms, ovum and uterus are unimpaired, don’t produce the offspring if the soul answerable for the formation of the foetus doesn’t enter into the uterus. It’s because the foetus will not be shaped simply by consumption of healthful meals however by the mix of things. Right here we clarify the facets of the person are derived from wholesomeness and are manifested due to the existence of such wholesomeness. They’re the state of freedom from ailments, laziness and greed, readability of senses, excellence of voice, color and semen and tranquility of thoughts. These facets of the person are derived from wholesomeness. [11]

Components derived from Satmya

The foetus is produced from out of Rasa (digestive product of the mom’s meals). With out Rasa even the mom is not going to reside, what to talk of the formation of the foetus in her womb (the foetus additionally is not going to reside). When the diet / nourishment will not be correct it doesn’t assist in the formation / growth of the foetus.
Conversely, a foetus will not be shaped just by the employment of correct nourishment. Right here additionally the mix of the components is answerable for the manufacturing of the foetus.

We will hereafter describe these facets of the person that are produced on account of correct diet. They’re – manifestation and progress (in top of the physique), continuity of the energy, satisfaction, plumpness and enthusiasm. These facets of the person are derived from Rasa [12]
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Components derived from Sattva

Thoughts can be the connecting hyperlink which connects the Soul with the bodily physique. The thoughts would enter one other (new) physique together with the soul and establishes relationship with that physique. This implies to inform that the thoughts establishes its relationship with the gross physique with the assistance of the delicate physique of the soul. So, on the eve of loss of life when the thoughts begins leaving the physique, there happens a change within the regular behaviour and inclinations, the sense organs are disturbed, energy diminishes and dwelling beings are attacked with ailments.

Residing beings devoid of thoughts breathe their final as a result of the sense organs derive their inspiration from nothing however thoughts.
The thoughts which indulges the sense organs of their respective sense objects and likewise controls them is of three sorts. They’re Sattvika, Rajasa and Tamasa. The thoughts dominated by any of the above talked about attributes in a single life follows within the subsequent life as effectively. When the person is endowed with the Sattvika sort of thoughts from earlier life he can keep in mind issues of the previous incarnation. Due to this energy to recall issues of the previous incantation, the person known as as “Jatismara”.

We will hereafter describe these facets of particular person that are derived from thoughts and that are manifested due to the existence of thoughts. They’re liking, conduct, purity, enmity, reminiscence, attachment, detachment, jealousy, valour, worry, anger, drowsiness, enthusiasm, sharpness, softness, seriousness, instability and such different manifestations of the thoughts which will probably be described later whereas discussing the assorted forms of thoughts. All of them happen within the man however all of them will not be manifested on the identical time. A person is alleged to belong to that individual sort of thoughts by which he’s dominated. [13]
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Embryo- conglomeration of a number of components

As a Kutagara (spherical formed cottage used for administering sizzling fomentation remedy) is constructed from out of assorted forms of building supplies and similar to a chariot is constructed from out of assorted elements, equally the embryo is shaped from out of assorted forms of procreative components.

Due to this fact we assert that the foetus is shaped from numerous components, i.e. mom (ovum), father (sperm), soul, wholesomeness and rasa (digestive product of mom’s meals).  The thoughts serves because the connecting hyperlink. Thus mentioned Lord Atreya. [14]

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Observations of Bharadvaja

Bharadvaja mentioned: “if the foetus is shaped out of the conglomeration of those numerous procreative components then how do they get united? Their conglomeration aside, how is that the union of those components ends in the manufacturing of a creature within the type of a human being? In case you opine and argue that since man is born from one other man, similar to the cow is born from one other cow and the horse is born from one other horse and therefore takes the form and type of human being, then the assertion made earlier that the person is shaped by the mix of six components shall not be accepted / related.

Whether it is to be believed that man is created by one other man, then why the kid born to oldsters who’re uninteresting, blind, hunch-backed, mute, dwarf, lisping affected by freckles, madness, Kustha (obstinate pores and skin ailments together with leprosy) and Kilasa (leucoderma) doesn’t carry the defects of his mother and father?
Whether it is argued that the Soul sees issues by His personal eyes, hears by His personal ears, smells by His personal nostril, tastes by His personal tongue, touches by His personal pores and skin, understands by His personal Mind and due to this people born of dumb and so on; don’t carry the defects of their mother and father (as a result of it isn’t the sense organs of fogeys however these of the Soul which takes half in procreation)? It’s because the soul is impartial, he’ll understand issues via his sense organs and independently kinds these sense organs, due to this fact the progeny of blind is not going to be blind, and the progeny of deaf is not going to be deaf.

If we settle for that the Soul understands issues with the assistance of sense organs i.e. by imaginative and prescient and so on. that will even imply to inform that within the absence of those sense organs, He gained’t be capable to know and perceive issues. This additionally implies that the soul is each a knower and non-knower. Does that imply that the soul is defective?
If we inform that the soul positive factors information via the sense organs, does that imply to inform that within the absence of sense organs the soul would grow to be non-knower? Does that imply that due to the absence of the ability to know issues, he can’t function a causative issue and if He isn’t a causative issue, will probably be ridiculed as a narrative. (Thus mentioned Bharadvaj). [15]
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Atreya’s observations

Lord Atreya mentioned, “It has already been concluded that the thoughts is answerable for the union of the Soul with the bodily physique. A human being is taken into account to be a Soul with the bodily physique. A human being is taken into account to be a causative issue for the manufacturing of one other human being just because foetus consists of the conglomeration of assorted components which produce a human type. 
Thus, there are 4 species of dwelling beings, viz, viviparous, oviparous, Svedaja (living- beings born of sizzling moisture) and Udbhija (living- beings born piercing earth). Every of those 4 species is of innumerable sorts.  That is due to the innumerability of distinctive options, they possess.

The species of the primary two classes take their particular kinds relying on the contact of the causative components of the foetus with the wombs of the precise species similar to the gold, silver, copper, tin and lead melted and poured into numerous designs of bee-works take respective kinds.
Equally when the foetus shaped as a result of conglomeration of assorted components occupy the womb of human being, they’d take the human type and form due to the impact of human species. A human being is taken into account to be product of a human being as a result of he belongs to the identical species. [16]
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Components for hereditary defects

A query was additionally raised that if the human being is a product of one other human being, why a progeny of a uninteresting human being will not be at all times uninteresting?  The reply is that if the a part of the seed (sperm or ovum) which is answerable for the formation of a selected organ is vitiated, this can end result within the vitiation of that respective organ. If it isn’t vitiated, there can be no vitiation of the respective organs both.

So each the probabilities are there (i.e. the respective organs of the progeny might or might not be vitiated relying upon the vitiation or in any other case of the a part of the seed answerable for the formation of such organs). As a matter of reality, the sense organs of all dwelling beings are born out of the Soul and their existence or in any other case are decided by the destiny i.e. the results of the previous motion. So the offsprings of the uninteresting mother and father don’t invariably resemble their mother and father. [17]
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Data of Soul although sense organs

It’s not that the Soul is endowed with consciousness solely when he’s possessed of sense organs and is devoid of consciousness in any other case. The soul can by no means be separated from the thoughts, and so, He’s at all times endowed with consciousness. [18]

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Thus it’s mentioned
The soul is rarely devoid of consciousness in fact, he can’t reply to the assorted actions within the absence of the sense organs. So it isn’t doable to carry out any act with out the presence of sense organs as it isn’t doable for a potter to work if he doesn’t have the required amount of mud regardless of his information relating to the manufacturing of a pitcher. [19-20]

Focus of thoughts for correct examination

Hearken to this religious knowledge which is of immense assist for the attainment of the information of Soul.
One ought to management his sense organs in addition to fickle thoughts and preserve himself established in his personal self after understanding the true nature of the Soul and attaining the peak of religious knowledge.
Thus, with this data undisturbed in all conditions, he’ll be capable to study all facets (of the science of medication) [20-21]
Attempt to perceive this level additionally, O! Bharadvaja, Even when any person has misplaced a few of his sense organs_ vocal and motor schools, in a dream he does expertise the assorted objects of sense happiness, miseries and so on., he can’t, due to this fact, be handled as a creature devoid of consciousness. There can’t be any information with out information of the Soul. Nothing can transfer alone until prompted by an environment friendly trigger to take action. [22-24]

So do away with all doubts.
O! Bharadvaja, I’ve defined to you every part concerning the Soul. The Soul is omniscient, major trigger, seer and environment friendly trigger. [25]
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To sum up:-

Within the minor chapter on the formation of embryo as conducive to the understanding of the physique, the next matters are mentioned:
Components answerable for the formation, progress and supply of the embryo;
The views of Punarvasu and Bharadvaja on this matter
The assault on the conclusions (by Bharadvaja) and
An in depth exposition of the character of the Soul [26-27]
Thus ends the third minor chapter of Sharira Part the “Formation of Embryo as conductive to Understanding of the Physique” of Agnivesha’s work as redacted by Charaka. [3]



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