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My Pricey Wormwood: A Screwtape Letter on the Artwork of Smartphone Habit

This text is written within the spirit of C.S. Lewis’s traditional satire The Screwtape Letters, through which a senior demon is giving recommendation to a junior tempter. Any similarity to precise individuals, dwelling or useless, is solely coincidental.

My pricey Wormwood,

I used to be happy to listen to you’ve been assigned a brand new cost: a younger suburban mom of three who’s susceptible to oversharing on social media and depends on her cellphone as a tether to the grownup world. I hope you’re taking issues severely: moms are by no means simple targets. Their maternal instincts are at all times in opposition to us. A mom rising at midnight, 2:00 AM, and 4:00 AM to feed the infant is as odious to me as a monk’s Matins, Lauds, and Prime! Keep in mind that our Enemy has a Mom of whom He’s exceedingly fond, and it’s given Him an irrational gentle spot for all moms. Greatest be in your guard.

I hear that your affected person has simply skilled a setback in her addiction-cultivation program, and I worry it’s your fault. By making her cellphone go off throughout prayer in church (congregational disruption and private embarrassment however), you inadvertently satisfied her that there are specific occasions and locations the place telephones merely shouldn’t be. You write that she’s now taken to leaving her cellphone at dwelling on Sundays, and that is absurd. You have to discover a option to shut that hole—even when it’s solely a weekly break of two hours—between your affected person and her bonds. 

You say she has turn out to be conscious that her cellphone just isn’t an untrammeled good however slightly an insoluble drawback that requires her to make concessions she’d slightly not make. Encourage her to assume that the blame lies fully on her personal private weak spot and lack of self-control. Don’t let her suspect the systemic nature of it, that hoards of programmers are actively catechizing her in mini-habits for his or her profit at her expense, and that this struggle is a thousand to 1. She participates as one in all 5 billion branches in that tangled vine of the net, and regardless of her obvious sense of company, she is definitely nudged, redirected, pushed, and pulled in methods fully invisible to her. So long as she thinks she is utilizing the web, all is properly. However the second she suspects it is utilizing her, the sport is up. That’s the reason your silly prank at church went incorrect: the smartphone interrupted worship seemingly of its personal accord—too apparent a metaphor for her to overlook. Subtlety, pricey Wormwood, is the essence of our job; if you’d like her to bear the fetid fruit engendered by intimate participation with the web vine, then it’s essential to stay as faceless and invisible as an algorithm.

A lot will depend on what class your affected person makes use of to conceive of her machine, and right here our language division has really outdone themselves. We’ve gotten people to think about it as a phone, and a gifted and gifted phone no much less. And what’s extra innocuous—extra useful—than intelligent individuals speaking via very intelligent means? The smartphone is in fact solely nominally a cellphone. The overwhelming majority of makes use of to which people put it clearly requires a brand new title, however they’ll solely notice this after it has turn out to be so embedded of their mode of life that calling it what it’s received’t make any distinction. That Seed of Suburban Sprawl—the Bane of Pedestrians and Befouler of the Skies—was indispensable to them lengthy earlier than they woke as much as what the auto had stolen, and by then it was too late. Expertise giveth, and Expertise taketh away: blessed be the title of Our Father Under. 

Your affected person has a trusting nature and assumes the perfect of others, not simply of people (a nasty behavior) but in addition of teams of individuals, corresponding to establishments and even companies. You should not have any hassle in any respect in permitting her aversion to the concept of “conspiracy theories” to maintain her disinterested in what we’re as much as. She clearly believes that the cellphone itself is a impartial instrument, and may solely turn out to be evil if used for consuming “dangerous content material,” or for spreading misinformation, or if it’s used “an excessive amount of” (and don’t let her assume pointedly about what “an excessive amount of” is: so long as it’s lower than essentially the most phone-addled girl in her social circle, then it’s not an excessive amount of). Neutrality in direction of expertise isn’t pretty much as good as enthusiasm, in fact, but it surely’s significantly better than permitting the seeds of skepticism to develop. Unquestioning religion in science and progress—that’s our motto.

Make liberal use of Christianese to maintain her from interacting with the smartphone as a possible organ of the Principalities and Powers Under. Closing dates and self-imposed guidelines for utilization are “legalistic” and due to this fact “in opposition to the spirit of grace and freedom in Christ” (and don’t neglect “moderation in all issues”). Domesticate her curiosity by inviting her to look as soon as at a thousand issues, every of which exhausts itself as quickly as it’s grasped. It will unfit her thoughts for contemplation, for trying a thousand occasions at one factor and discovering it inexhaustible (a frame of mind dangerously adjoining to prayer). And so long as she stays suspicious of asceticism, she can’t make use of it to test her urge for food for novelty, which leaves you loads of alternative for selling fascinating habits. You possibly can inform you’re making headway if she touches the display extra typically than the our bodies of her husband and youngsters. 

The despicable Douglas Harding warned the fools clear sufficient to place their telephones down: “If we don’t hold killing our instruments they’ll make us their instruments and eventually kill us. The appendage I can’t do with out is a malignant development.” He was proper concerning the most cancers, in fact; it’s a pity that he hated it. Given sufficient time, the cellphone will turn out to be an extension of your affected person’s personal physique, a limb to not be parted with however by an excruciating and unthinkable amputation. The Enemy at occasions calls for such merciless dismemberments from His disciples, however there are few today who take Him that severely, thank hell. 

Whereas there may be at all times some hazard in letting a parable prick the conscience, the chance is price it so long as she doesn’t do something about her guilt. Static turmoil is a good substitute for outright disobedience. Even when she writes a cheeky, remorseful weblog publish on the subject of smartphones, it will likely be innocent so long as her habits stay unchanged and are (in her thoughts) unchangeable. Humor borne of despair is the icing on the cake for us, except in fact she begins to wish for assist. God have mercy as a joke or an excuse is kind of the deal with, however God have mercy as a real prayer is to not be borne.

And talking of prayer, how may you let her Catholic pal slip her a kind of trite, simpering little prayer playing cards to (Our Father defend us) St. Michael the Archangel, of all individuals! (That prayer is basically fairly prejudiced and close-minded—all that battle speak—as if we actually went concerning the world “prowling” whereas in search of the wreck of souls. I’ve by no means prowled in my life!) See if you happen to can take her prayerful impulse and switch it in direction of procuring: perhaps Etsy could have a St. Michael iPhone case. That may be a beautiful redirection: she will be able to scratch her itch for heavenly support with out really talking to the Enemy or His angels, and but come away feeling someway safer, maybe even #blessed.

Any icon which, when approached with reverence, may allow her to appreciate that the Enemy sees her and is prepared and prepared to assist, is harmful certainly. However an icon overlaying her cellphone is a product declaring aloud her aspirations whereas concurrently stunting their development. It would even encourage her to make use of her cellphone extra typically (a pleasing thought), and seeing St. Michael encased in plastic is basically too humorous! (And far much less scary—although you possibly can hold that between us). So long as she thinks of prayer as intention slightly than consideration requiring each time and help via the written phrases of her betters, then you possibly can hold her afloat on a distracted sea of prayerless good intentions for weeks. However remember to lose that pesky prayer card between the sofa cushions; it’s a lot too concrete to be secure. She’s a Protestant in any case, isn’t she? Prayer isn’t playing cards or printed phrases or (hell forbid) icons and beads—it’s a sense, an expertise. Preserve vices tangible and virtues summary. 

You inform me that your affected person makes use of her iPhone all through the day for banal issues: budgeting, music, the household calendar, texting her pals, calling her mom, e mail, meal planning, and so forth. All of those are fairly ineffective to us in and of themselves, however they supply glorious cowl for our sleeper brokers: Apple Information, Fb, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, and Netflix. These do all of the heavy lifting, and if her finger is just one swipe away from what we actually need her to be doing, then the battle is half received. Who can resist this indispensable multitasker through which all of the brightly coloured icons of wheat and tares are mingled collectively in a gallery of productiveness and leisure?

It’s exactly as a result of your affected person is conscientious and accountable that she seeks environment friendly means for executing her each day duties, and due to human ingenuity, there’s an app for that. Don’t let her notice that the time she has saved via these apps just isn’t time saved for actions the Enemy smiles upon: Nerf battling along with her boys, studying a ebook, weeding the backyard, scratching the canine’s ears, or chatting along with her aged neighbor. “Saved time” is at all times reinvested again into the display from whence it got here (particularly throughout rest room doom-scrolling). I doubt your affected person breaks even: you most likely get her consideration plus curiosity, whereas additionally tickling her pleasure at being extra environment friendly than her mom’s hand-written grocery lists and Submit-it Notes. People like to waste time: it makes them really feel immortal. Anybody with time to kill should have loads of it, and it’s mainly this false feeling of eternity that they’re bolstering by pouring their free time down the drain.

And on this waste we take pleasure in our double victory. Not solely is she spending extra time on her cellphone and fewer time along with her youngsters, however even when she does play with them, her muscle tissues of consideration have possible grown flabby. She’ll principally simply fake to attend, an unconscious lie which you’ll be able to reframe as “being well mannered.” The youngsters will discover her absence of thoughts, in fact, however she received’t.

You wrote to me with concern that your affected person enjoys long-form tv reveals filled with so-called “depth and knowledge,” as if you happen to nervous that the standard of her programming have been to have a profound impact on her life. I’m afraid you’ve missed the purpose fully, Wormwood. (Don’t they educate Marshall McLuhan on the Tempter’s Coaching Faculty anymore?) The medium is the message, and the medium of the smartphone is solitary, tailored, and goals at elsewhere-ness slightly than here-and-now-ness. What you actually needs to be nervous about is household film evening, once they’re all huddled collectively underneath the identical blanket, consuming popcorn from the identical bowl, watching the identical display and sharing the identical story each week. Such communal consideration and mutual affection fosters a nauseating liturgy of happiness you’d do properly to disrupt. Can’t you get her bored and scrolling throughout The Empire Strikes Again? She’s most likely seen it twenty occasions already!

And I don’t care a lick if she’s utilizing her cellphone to look at BBC diversifications of Dickens novels as an alternative of porn. The purpose is that on most nights, she and her husband aren’t buying and selling again rubs and chatting about their day: they’re propped up earlier than the gentle glow of their individually streamed reveals, ending the day half a foot (but one million miles) aside. All the higher in the event that they really feel proud to be watching “prime quality content material” slightly than trash. In the event that they have been watching trash, they could start to really feel responsible and switch it off, and switch in direction of one another, after which who is aware of what would possibly occur—what secrets and techniques may be shared, what consolations given? I shudder to think about it. The flesh is on our aspect lower than you would possibly assume. We wish your affected person and her husband to be too preoccupied for each pillow speak and intercourse, remoted by our completely bespoke algorithms. 

And better of all, if bedtime smartphones substitute bedtime intercourse, then there’s no probability for the grave danger of one other child, which might be horrible for our plans. In fact the people turn out to be bleary-eyed and strained past capability with an toddler in the home, however it’s exactly that other-centeredness that forestalls them from losing their time on stupidities. They’re just too drained (and engaged in one thing too essential to the Enemy and to their human nature) to be silly. As an alternative of reaching for the cellphone at evening, they simply fall asleep like exhausted animals. 

Having a toddler is, for people, like having a near-death expertise: perception and contrition and all method of vice-corroding ideas come flooding in. Rising households typically set off spontaneous virtues and subdue egocentric vices that took years of cautious crafting on our half, and nobody is extra shocked than these “breeders” who, in coaching their youngsters, find yourself coaching themselves. A shock being pregnant is among the Enemy’s most devious methods of turning hearts again to Him in desperation. In fact they’ll have a superb cry and fear about cash, however then love normally will get the higher of them. (Human nature is so damned relational!) Earlier than you realize it, they’ll be laughing and pondering of names for the little parasite. You possibly can’t be too cautious about this: hold that cellphone in her hand and beside her mattress, or all could also be misplaced.

I virtually forgot: I’m together with under the most recent listing of banned assets which may set off her curiosity in asceticism and contemplation. Such practices would equip her to interact her cellphone whereas nonetheless tethered to the Enemy—bringing Him into the place He does not belong. Such harrowings of hell may jeopardize the addictions of any soul she meets on-line, pulling different sufferers out of echo chambers, arguments, and slack-jawed spectacles slightly than dragging her additional in.

If she comes throughout something we’ve banned, mitigate the injury by making certain she’s obtained an digital model for her cellphone and never a tough copy. Don’t despair: one little notification is all it takes, and she or he’ll be again on Instagram very quickly.

Your affectionate uncle,


Discover from the Division for the Censorship of Widespread Sense and Advantage

The next needs to be fastidiously saved out of human consciousness:

  • We Are Nonetheless Simply Watching TV” and “The Display and The E-book” (Marc Barnes has an unbearable Chestertonian snark and should be stopped, which is able to show fairly troublesome since he seems to be the one grownup male in America who doesn’t personal a smartphone.)
  • Expertise is Not Values Impartial: Ending the Reign of Nihilistic Design” (We all know that applied sciences are solely good or dangerous if people make them so, however these idiots really assume worth may be embedded in bodily issues! How medieval.).
  • The Social Dilemma (Former tech trade partners-turned-traitors air their regrets for hurting and addicting individuals, the cowards.)
  • Recognizing the Voice of Habit” YouTube Brief (If observed by your affected person, place a prolonged Liberty Mutual advert earlier than it in hopes she’s going to click on away. Be careful for this Pageau fellow: he’s at all times polluting YouTube with teachings from the church fathers.)
  • Prayer to Saint Michael the Archangel (A thousand curses on him!)
  • The Litany of Humility (The one identified antidote for FB likes and retweet cravings)
  • The Hierarchy of Heaven and Earth by D. E. Harding, notably the chapters “The New Angelology” and “The Angels of Darkness” (Regardless of the ebook’s relative obscurity, the division determined to incorporate it right here as a result of evangelicals’ patron saint of fiction—C.S. Lewis—thought of it “a piece of the very best genius” and even wrote its preface. Something written or endorsed by Lewis is robotically forbidden—particularly if it’s about us.)



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