Thursday, August 4, 2022 On-line Model Constructing, Images and Artwork by Naina Redhu The Lady... On-line Model Constructing, Images and Artwork by Naina Redhu The Lady With The Blue Petal #ShortStory

She’s dashing again in a shitty Uber. Her seller ought to be on the location by now. Why did she give him her residence tackle anyway? She remembers that it isn’t the primary time she’s assembly her seller right here. Oh properly.

There he’s. Standing within the solar, wiping sweat from his forehead ( he stinks ewww ), exclaims loudly, “What Madam! How a lot ready?” He’s complaining that he’s been standing on the spot for YEARS now. He doesn’t look a lot older than final week although. Unusual.

The speed is fastened however she wonders how this shit has grow to be so costly. Blame the pandemic for fucking the whole lot up. Hash was 2.5 or 3k for 1T. Now it’s 6k. And the even “higher” selection is meant to be 8k. Who the fuck is ready to afford this shit these days anyway? Madness. Why is he cramming the hash into her naked palms in broad daylight?! These two guys on the bike simply circled – did they see? Are they undercover cops? OMG why isn’t weed decriminalized in India anyway? The biker boys are simply looking at her. Why can’t she merely cease carrying such skimpy garments? But it surely’s so scorching in Delhi. How is anybody anticipated to put on so many garments? It’s not like she’s bare. She needs she was on a seaside in Goa. Skimpier.

She climbs the 2 flights of stairs to her rented house. The cat is yowling & the canine is wagging his whole physique. Her boyfriend opens the door. He’s already stoned. Her finest good friend is sitting on the desk. Additionally stoned. All the time late to the social gathering, as a result of WORK. Why do purchasers wish to have conferences on a fucking weekend? Anyway, she’s again residence. It’s cool regardless that it’s the height of summers however that’s as a result of your complete front room wall is moist with seepage from an overhead water tank that burst a couple of months in the past. Who wants a cooler when you might have shitty landlords!

She modifies out of her skimpy garments, eliminates all her underwear, will get into her tremendous brief shorts and ganji and traipses out into the lounge. A calming bottle of beer seems. The fan is on full pace. There’s an excessive amount of smoke in the lounge, should open a window. And a door. Why aren’t the boys taking part in any music? What’s the purpose of getting excessive with out music?

Why is her mom calling her up now? Should be one thing about her biryani store. If she can’t run it on her personal, why hassle? Nobody else within the household appears bothered sufficient to assist her. As she’s speaking together with her mother, she will get a WhatsApp textual content from her Dad. It’s accompanied with an image. It’s her Dad, standing within the midst of bare sadhus in Varanasi. Her Dad is certainly overdressed. What was it that her ex-husband used to say? “I solely know one particular person crazier than you Sandy and that’s your Dad.” Heh. Fortunately they broke issues up peacefully else she’d be spending an excessive amount of time gouging out the eyes from his voodoo doll.

The 1T was ordered for an acquaintance. Sandy’s shared her tackle. Acquaintance ought to be right here any minute. Ought to she put on a bra? Nah. An excessive amount of effort. Acquaintance arrives. Beer is shared. A cigarette is lit. One drag of the joint. The acquaintance is excessive already. These individuals must get a life. How can anybody get excessive in ONE fucking drag?! She’s selecting ticks out of Sandy’s canine now, besides, they’re not ticks, they’re scabs from the place the canine damage itself a couple of months in the past. There’s a couple of yelps. Stoned individuals shouldn’t attempt to be helpful.

A jar of vaseline reveals up on the eating desk. Sandy’s received a brand new tattoo. Who the fuck will get a tattoo of a petal that’s blue? Are there any blue petals in nature? What the fuck was the tattoo artist pondering? But it surely’s fairly. It was Sandy’s concept in spite of everything. Needs to be fairly. She’s superior, so, the whole lot she does is superior.

However a blue petal?



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