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Youtube is one of the biggest online video platforms in the world, people from all around the world publish their videos and monetize them to earn money from online advertising and paid promotions of the brands and businesses.

Today we will talk about all the important YouTube videos SEO (search engine optimization) factors and how to optimize them. Now you guys are thinking that one time your channel gets monetized and then starts earning money no bro monetization is not enough. You have to rank your video and make your videos viral then earn the money how much that you ever imagine. Optimize your videos It will very help you greatly, it will increase your subscribers and you will get many opportunities so let’s get started it.

If you’re in the business of creating videos, you should have a properly optimized YouTube channel to make sure your videos aren’t all for naught. But what exactly does an optimized YouTube channel look like and how do you apply optimizations to your channel?

How do you optimize your YouTube videos?

By now, you should have a good understanding of why we care so much about optimizing our video content. Now, let’s get to the really good stuff: How exactly can you do this?

Now I am going to tell you how to optimize it.


Now let’s talk about the title what is a title we use for the upper side of the video when you search for a video your keywords and that video are the same then you will get that video. So it’s the reason we use titles for our videos. With a good title your video ranks there is more chance of being viral so focus on your title so you guys know about the title. let’s talk about our second point.


It’s one of the important things which rank your video if you don’t have a good thumbnail so you never rank and optimize your videos your thumbnail should be full HD and also your thumbnail should be related to your topic like you are talking about online things and you put something else on your thumbnail. Doing this thing might you lose your subscribers and your views so making a relationship with your audience is a good thing for your channel now let me tell you another point.


The description is one the most useful thing without description there is very little chance to rank your video you should have a proper description and more uses of your description it is very important because without description you can’t share your other social media groups and your websites so I hope you are getting my point. It’s time to talk about our last point.


Without keywords you won’t be able to rank your video you see YouTube videos rank by keywords for researching keywords you should go and search in google you will get many keywords. Use keywords related to your topic. If you use other keywords your video will never rank. So I think these points are enough to understand how to optimize your YouTube videos so now I am going to end my article thank you so much.

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